Trinity Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Castine, Maine



 Castine, ME is located at the end of a peninsula, lying between the Penobscot and Bagaduce Rivers on a deep and protected harbor. It was established by the French in 1614 as a trading post called Ft. Pentagoet. Since then, the area has been under four flags, namely France, Holland, Britain and the United States.

Winter inhabitants number 850, but the population swells to 4,500 in the summer. Along with Trinity Episcopal Church, there are three other churches in town, namely the Trinitarian (Congregational), a Unitarian Church and the Catholic Chapel. Castine is home to the Maine Maritime Academy with 1,000 students.

Trinity Episcopal Church History

Started in the 1890’s by three women who arranged for services in their homes.

  • Land was purchased in 1896
  • The chapel, a beautiful stone structure designed by Ms. Caroline Schenk, was finished in 1900.
  • Chapel was consecrated in 1942 under the Diocese of Maine and Mission status was accomplished
  • In 1956 Trinity became a year-round church
  • In the late 1990’s, Trinity transitioned from a mission to a parish
  • The parish hall, with offices below, an elevator and a full kitchen was completed in 1998
  • In 2010, a generator was added, making the church a safe-haven during winter power outages.

Today, Trinity has operated under the so-called Castine Model, with a quarter time priest-in-charge and three priest associates, a model that has worked well. While winter attendance is smaller (30+), attendance swells to 80 or more with the arrival of the summer residents.


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